improv for people of color

Untold Improv is a space for people of color to find joy in uncertainty.


Improv for People of Color workshops in San Francisco Bay Area


About us

Untold Improv is a small non-profit based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We aim to create a safe & affirming space for self-identified people of color to practice improv, and we hope to remove financial barriers by providing sliding scale payment and scholarships for our classes.

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Whether you are new to improv or have some previous experience, these workshops are designed to support all self-identified people of color.

We use activities to connect improv to everyday life. Through games, activities, and scene work, participants can embrace failure, get more comfortable being themselves, and connect with others -- with a lot of laughter! Expect a mix of individual, partner, and group activities.

Some activities may be very physical and/or done standing while others will be done sitting. We know bodies move in different ways, and we're happy to adapt our activities to what your body is up for.

Calendar of Events

We offer:

  • 7 week Improv for People of Color class (twice per year, scholarships available)

  • Free Monthly Improv for PoC workshops


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