Safe Spaces


At Untold Improv, we believe these 3 statements are equally true:

  • Everyone deserves to feel safe.

  • The world is not a safe place.

  • Privilege is how much safety you expect or can access.

How safe are different people in this space?
We want to create a space that is affirming for the many different experiences people of color have. While we may do so imperfectly, it is our intention to be accessible to those who identify as womxn, femmes, non binary, queer, trans, black, indigenous/native, mixed or multiethnic, disabled (visible/not visible, mental, physical), survivors, fat, immigrants, undocumented, poor/low income, introverts, and other people of color.

If you have questions or concerns about how safe this space is for you, we invite you to drop us a line.


How specifically does Untold Improv approach safety?
Here’s a few examples of ways we work to make our programs safer, more welcoming, and more accessible:

  • We begin the class asking each participant to provide their preferred name and pronouns.

  • We offer scholarships, up to the full cost of the class, so that no one is turned away for lack of funds.

  • We regularly review our class Agreements & Expectations.

  • After classes, we offer a group walk to transit stations.


How is Untold Improv looking to grow?
We know there are ways we can improve. Some of our current limitations include:

  • We do not offer child care.

  • Our classes involve sitting, standing, and moving about in a theater.

  • We are a small team. We’d love to expand to include instructors and collaborators to bring in more perspectives and lived experiences.

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